You work in a small organisation of your choice.  You have been asked by your manager to advise him/her on the consumer decision-making process.  You have also been asked to carry out detailed research in order to address the topic in a detailed way.


Carry out your research on the concept of the consumer decision-making process.  The findings of your research should be presented in a business report.


The assignment requires you to work independently. The report should include the following:

·         An introduction to the report

·         An explanation of consumer decision-making

·         Models of consumer decision-making

·         Mapping out the decision-making process for a particular product or service of your choice

·         Importance of mapping a path to purchase and understand consumer decision-making

·         Levels of consumer decision-making

·         Factors that influence decision-making

·         An evaluation of how marketers respond to the decision-making process

·         Concluding statement


B2C & B2B Consumer Decision-making Process