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Greetings, I need help with my capstone project design, my project is about create a Continuity Tester(like a multimeter) to diagnose Automatic Train Coupling. So, because is an invention i need to start from crash. The thing is that i only know in my mind how it could be but when i started all analysis and calculations i get confused. I have selected the material and material properties that the device will need is Polycarbonate. For now, with those material properties and the forces acting on the body i need to find the proper dimensions that can support the device without failure. Also, i just determine that it needs a mass of 12 to 20 lb. (pounds). Imagine a rectangle ready to get dimensions and all system integration that a multimeter can have in order to get a diagnosis to a traagnin Automatic Coupler. Hopefully you understand. Thanks,

Automatic Electrical Couple Continuity Tester, Engineering, Design, Calculations, Physics