Impact of hospitalisation on an older person and their family
Gwen is a 72-year-old female diagnosed with Ischemic Heart Disease who has been experiencing
increased episodes of chest pain and shortness of breath on exertion. She has been admitted to
enable a review of her medication and manage her reduced exercise tolerance. Gwen lives alone
in a one-bedroom apartment in a retirement village. Gwen is well supported by two daughters
and one son all married with families of their own. Gwen is an active member of the retirement
community participating in many group-based activities.

Impact on patient (GWEN)
Reduced exercise tolerance, Risk of confusion due to changed environment, Falls risk,
Decreased muscle strength, Fear of reduced independent capacity, Weakness, Lack of hope

Impacts on family
Concern about mothers reduced independence, Changes to Living arrangement, Carers
burden, Guilt, Worry about mothers situation and coping ability, Concern about their
mother experiencing an acute myocardial infarct and/or death

• Write an academic essay where you critically examine the impact of hospitalisation on a patient and/or their family, who is experiencing an acute exacerbation of their chronic illness.

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