This request is for 2 different essays and they each need to be a minimum of 500 + words per paper, so I have put a total of 4 pages, double spaced for the 2 essays I am requesting. I also can email a PDF copy of the book I am working from.  Its titled “The Book of Ethics: Expert Guidance for Professionals who treat addiction.  If these work out well,  I will have additional work for the writer.  For this module, there are possibly 10 Case Studies that need notes on specific scenarios. I have not used a service like this in the past so I may have a few questions after I see your bids. **Please note this work order is for 2 separate Essays** completed no later than Jan 3rd.

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You can type it single space per page so it all fits within the 2 pages per essay.  As long as I am able to edit it myself and at that time I can make it double spaced.

Assignment One: Visit a Drug Court or Another Type of Diversion Program & Assignment Two: Visit a County’s Program for Addiction Treatment Services