Explain and evaluate the theoretical base and influences of two of the following methods of intervention from the list below. Show how you might implement these two different approaches in work with a service user or carer of your choice, drawing the contrast and comparisons in how you would apply them. Evaluate the effectiveness of the two different approaches, using research to inform this process. You will need to demonstrate the ability to detect, understand and evaluate potential for discrimination generally with emphasis on two specified areas:
Solution focused brief therapy; Cognitive behavioral theory; Crisis intervention; Attachment theory; Task centered Practice; Signs of safety; Restorative models


• Demonstrate an understanding of the theoretical bases of social work interventions
• Explain and evaluate social work interventions
• Critically evaluate, with support, different methods and approaches from an anti-oppressive perspective
• Critically evaluate, analyse and explain (with support), the research evidence into the effectiveness of different approaches within social work practice

Assessment and intervention