Write an analysis of and your thoughts about the ideas expressed in the interview with Dr. Tedeschi. Watch Soaringwords Interview Dr. Richard Tedeschi-Post-Traumatic Growth. https://youtu.be/_N33ZkQAu1s. Be sure to clearly identify specific ideas in the interview (for example, the role of telling the trauma narrative, the concept of expert companion). For each idea:

Articulate YOUR understanding of the idea.
Articulate what the idea means to you based on your own personal and professional experiences. My professional experience has been working side by side with the public school social worker in my field placement dealing with students and family’s issues in domestic violence, abuse.
Discuss and illustrate how you can employ this idea in your work with clients.
In your assignment differentiate clearly between the descriptive and the analytic parts.
Make all of your statements clear and support factual statements by evidence (citations).
Make sure that items listed as references fully match those cited in the text.

Articulating Post-Traumatic Growth