General Instructions
• Use the following prompts to write a paper critiquing your article. Do NOT list a number and answer the prompt, put the answers in paragraph (narrative) form.
• When you are asked for your opinion, make sure you justify your point of view with information from the article.
• Use correct style, grammar, and spelling.
• Type and double-space you paper.
• Include an APA style reference for the article you are reviewing at the top of the page.
1. Briefly summarize the problem being studied. Is the problem worthy of study?
2. What does the literature review say about previous studies? Discuss whether the
review of literature supports the need for the current study?
3. What are the main hypotheses or research questions addressed by the study?
4. Was a probability or non—probability method of sampling used? (Identify the specific
sampling method, whenever possible). Summarize the major characteristics of the sample. Discuss whether the method of sampling causes you to have any concerns about sampling bias?
5. Identify and describe all of the main variables in the study (dependent and independent variables should be labeled as such, if applicable). Identify and describe the method used to measure each of the main variables (previously developed instrument, through observation, or through an instrument developed by the researcher, reliability, validity, etc.).
6. Summarize the major results of the study. (Make sure all results are discussed and explained).
7. Does the discussion section explain or interpret the results of the study in a way you can understand them? Discuss any limitations of the study. (Those mentioned in the article and those you may have) What recommendation(s), if any, do the authors make for future research? What recommendation(s), if any, would you make for future research based on this study?
8. Discuss any concerns about the overall design of the study. This may include relevant internal and external threats to the validity of the study, inferences that can and cannot be drawn based on the design, or any other issues related to the topics covered in this class. What recommendation(s) would you make for future research that would address these concerns?

Article Evaluation