Each week you will use your readings from the module as a point of departure to create your own artistic production based on the theme of the week (excluding Midterm and Final Weeks).

Part 1: Art Creation
Use lectures, artwork, and readings as a point of inspiration. Create a painting, sculpture, drawing, or work of architecture. You may use one medium or multiple mediums for each week’s creation. Develop a slide presentation labled with each week’s theme and upload your original creations. Each slide will include:

Your Art Piece
Include image.
Provide a title.
Explain the background of your piece.
Original Artwork Requirements

Methods: paint, watercolor, pencil, crayon, marker, collage, clay, metal, or wood (Check with your instructor about other methods you have in mind.)

I will be sending each weeks lecture so you can use that as the example and then guide yourself so you can make your own creation.

Art creation diary /AN