The purpose of this competence is to test how you can apply what you have learned in the previous five competencies. If you are unfamiliar with the competencies described, it may be necessary for you to review the content in the earlier competencies (308.1 – 308.5). The data set you will use in this competency has time-series data for three groups. You will consider what statistical analysis you would perform, and what charts you would create, as part of your analysis.

You are a researcher interested in seeing how weight loss is correlated to self esteem. You have collected data among three groups, those who only exercise, those who exercise and diet, and a control group who neither diet nor exercise. What statistical tests would you perform to learn more about the data you have, to compare groups, and to explore the relationship between the variables. Calculate the selected statistics using Excel formulas. Make sure that the cells have the formulas rather than the values. Show your work. Interpret your findings. You will submit an Excel sheet and a Word document. Please show the formulas you’ve used.

Apply what you’ve learned