Read the article. Apply social media technologies and workflows to challenges you and your organization are facing to keep patients safe and monitored during stay-at-home mandates.


DISCUSSION: Read the article: Create or discuss an innovative digital health intervention using social media technologies

Begin with a social media technology in mind. Blog, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook etc., and integration of these with patient generated data, thereto. Chapter 9 offers some ideas.

Select a total of 2 different technologies.

Define and apply each in an implementable digital health intervention to a different clinical/medical need which benefits from increased (or sustained patient) engagement.

Social media based interactions may be between any of the following: client, a health system, health plan, and/or patient’s provider.

Discuss how your social media based DHI is

Specific to an identified problem, population, location, diagnosis. (You may use the same population from previous assignments)

Safe: be sure to have a way to audit for unsafe practices (manual, automatic)

Relevant; why is your DHI important right now?

Triggered; is it time-based or event/routine based or conditions based?

Effective; (how will you measure for long term sustainability, clinical or behavioral benefits?)

Sustainable (postulate financial and operational sustainability,)

Article: Ventola, C. L. (2014). Social media and health care professionals: benefits, risks, and best practices (Links to an external site.). Pharmacy and Therapeutics, 39(7), 491.

Apply Social Media as Digital Health Intervention (Heath Care Administration (Informatics)