The University City Fire/Rescue Department is presenting their annual report to the city council at the next council meeting. You, as the fire chief have to complete the annual report that addresses fire department organization and structure, divisions, and responses. You will utilize the University City Fire/Rescue Department PDF located here. This assignment will not be graded on APA formatting. This should be a final product to publish to the entire council. You may utilize your own photographs and/or other items to finalize the product, including charts, graphs, etc.
Your assignment must include the following items:
 contain a chief’s message about the annual report;
 arrange an introduction to introduce organization and structure;
 explain structure, process, behavior, vision, mission, goals, and objectives;
 define department divisions and how it contributes to the overall operations and goals of the organization;
 include your organizational structure chart created in Unit I for University City to introduce the organization and structure to the city council; and
 contribute charts and graphs to identify responses and provide a baseline for projecting trends in emergency and non-emergency service calls.
o Make sure that you have a minimum of two and a maximum of four charts, graphs, or images per page throughout your assignment. All information for charts and graphs will come from the information provided.
This assignment should be a complete annual report for the agency with the provided information, it should be at least six full pages (not including title page, the organization chart, and response data).
 You are expected to use information you learned from this course.
 You are also encouraged to supplement from your personal experience.
 Your assignment must be double-spaced.
 Write this as if you are the fire chief creating the document of your organization.

Annual Report