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1. Troy Francis, a middle-aged salesman, complains of burning pain in the “pit of his stomach,” usually beginning about two hours after eating and abating after drinking a glass of milk. When asked to indicate the site, he points to his epigastric region. The GI tract is examined by X-ray fluoroscopy. A gastric ulcer is visualized, and drug therapy using a proton pump inhibitor and antibiotics is recommended. (a) Why is this treatment suggested? (b) What are the possible consequences of nontreatment?

2. After a heavy meal rich with fried foods, Debby Collins, an overweight 45-year-old woman, was rushed to the emergency room with severe spasmodic pains in her epigastric region that radiated to the right side of her rib cage. She indicated that the attack came on suddenly, and her abdomen was found to be tender to touch and somewhat rigid. What do you think is this patient’s problem and why is her pain discontinuous (colicky)? What are the treatment options and what might happen if the problem is not resolved?

Anatomy assignment