Assignment Questions

  1. Describe the differences among logos, ethos, and pathos and their uses for the research presentation.
  2. Describe the differences between dependency techniques and interdependency techniques. When would you choose a dependency technique?


  1. Distinguish between the following:


  1. Speaker-centered presentation and extemporaneous presentation.
  2. Technical report and management report.
  3. Topic outline and sentence outline.


  1. What should you do about each of these?
    1. Putting information in a research report concerning the study’s limitations.
    2. The size and complexity of tables in a research report.
    3. The physical presentation of a report.
    4. Pace in your writing.


  1. What type of report would you suggest be written in each of the following cases?
    1. The president of the company has asked for a study of the company’s pension plan and its comparisons to the plans of other firms in the industry.
    2. You have been asked to write up a marketing experiment, which you recently completed, for submission to the Journal of Marketing Research.
    3. Your division manager has asked you to prepare a forecast of promotional budget needs for the division for the next 12 months.
    4. The National Institutes of Health has given you a grant to study the relationship between advertising of prescription drugs and subsequent sales of those drugs.



Analysis and Research Reporting