Compare and contrast the perspectives of each of these writers on these topics.
1. de Crèvecoeur, Quinney, and Turner – that the frontier has played an important role in the formation of American identity.
2. Weber, Mencken, and Douglass – that America is the land of opportunity
3. Winthrop, and the members of the Continental Congress and Woman’s Rights Convention – that America offers an exceptional example of enlightened human conduct
Each individual response should be a few paragraphs and 400-500 words in length. Be sure to incorporate specific references to the specified texts within each response; you may wish additionally to include references to other assigned texts as well. However, this is not a research assignment, so do not integrate any material except for that which has been assigned in the course.
in total 1200 words min and the information must be obtained from the American Studies Anthology book

American identity