During this class we have focused primarily on the cultural and historical events that shaped the experience of African people in the Americas. Hopefully, you have begun to realize that the development of black cultures around the world is a process nuanced by the progress and challenges of modern society. For your final exam, you will delve deeper into the field of African American and African Studies. The selected prompt below requires you to engage one of the subfields of the discipline. Your response to the prompt or question that you choose must include a direct and clear argument that you support with three or four primary and secondary sources. Keep in mind that AT LEAST one of your supporting sources must be a primary source.

Inter-racial collaboration was often at the heart of the anti-slavery movement in the United States, but it was wrought with challenges. Write an essay in which you discuss the tensions that existed between black and white abolitionists and anti-slavery proponents during the first half of the nineteenth century. Your essay should highlight AT LEAST TWO HISTORICAL FIGURES and explore how their challenges to work together or with others reflected on the larger conflicts in the Anti-Slavery movement.

African American Studies Final Paper