Following the completion of a fraud investigation during which time the assets of an investment fund have been frozen, you have been appointed as the new manager of the fund.

You will take over the management of the fund immediately, however, you discover that the assets have not been managed for some time. It is important therefore, that you carry out an analysis, make decisions and take immediate action to put the fund back “on track”, in respect of the aims and objectives to be pursued.

As the fund manager, you are free to make reasonable, justified assumptions.



The requirements for the assignment are as follows:

  1. Update the current value of the fund, measure and discuss the fund’s performance

during the period from the fund’s inception date to your starting date.


  1. Critically discuss the findings of your analysis in part 1, highlighting any issues

which may prevent the fund from achieving its stated aims and objectives.


  1. Recommend justified changes to the fund which, in your opinion, will allow the

fund to consistently achieve its aims and objectives.



Advanced portfolio management