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Please complete a case report on Colgate Palmolive by viewing the attached chapters and power points (in pdf). I have also included the Colgate Palmolive SEC 10k report for any details needed. There is also a sample case report attached as an example for this paper.
You must describe in your own words the most important concepts and examples described in each chapter or chapters during the Module. you must summarize the chapter related with the module in 1 page.
Also, in half page you must describe the application of the Module using your case company as a context. Application means that you must relate the chapter from the textbook to your case company operations. Here for example if the chapter is related with the concept of sales and receivables, then you must describe reading the step 3 above everything related with the day’s receivables, sales variance, receivables turnover and everything that it is related with the concepts covered during the module. If the chapter is related with investment decisions or market structure, then for your firm SEC 10K reading the Part 1. Business Description can help you to understand how the administration operates and manage the firm using different types of strategies and techniques to maximize the shareholders value. Sometimes, for this particular application of the concept you will need to research some competitors, industry information and different economic publications related with your firm, you just need to add at the end the references. You can visit Bloomberg, CNBC, Wall Street, Market Watch, Fox Business and other business news sources. Remember this is not an essay, this is a case report where you are linking what it is in theory (textbook) to your company operations (case)