In this research, we will examine the issue of abrogation and its relation to the interpretation of Quranic war and peaceful verses and their relationship with socio-political, historical, and the interplay of religious accounts for violence altogether. Throughout the research, we will apply social-science research and perspectives to examine the origin of abrogation in the Quran in terms of historical and actual application and how militant groups have manipulated it for their political gain. The study will critically examine the classification of Meccan and Medinan Verses, their role, and application in understanding the proper interpretation of peaceful coexistence with non-Muslims. The research aims to understand the early consensus of theologians concerning violence in general and the name of God particularly. Nowadays, religious, political violent occurrences are commonly connected with the Islamic name terrorism, therefore, to better understand this phenomenon, an analysis of historical interpretive of the role of abrogation in terms of Meccan and Medinan verses on war and philological examination of the past is appropriate

Abrogation, its Importance and Historical Relation to the Quran