1. Was anything particularly surprising about the predictions vs results and if so why? Were you
aware of any of the information? When making or advertising predictions should more caution be
advised, why? Address every one of the 6 given examples in the above (use supporting
info./data/articles in your answer from the charts/graphs above). In addition, you may use any
additional information we looked at this semester so far or outside sources (including your own
reasoning and critical thinking). Please address each of the charts/graphs in this email at least
2. What are the main points Ed Lorenz made? What are the main points Dr. Gotfryd made? (This is
from the PDF document the Butterfly Effect in a separate upload)
3. How does the meteorological concept of the ”Butterfly Effect” extend outside the boundaries of
meteorology and how can one apply this concept and the broader idea it represents to empower
society in general and the individual in particular?
4. How does this idea strengthen your own self-confidence and reveal the power you have to
make a positive change in your life, for those you care about and for the world?

A Prophet or To Profit?