Audience and Purpose
Your letter will serve to demonstrate your understanding of the complexities of healthcare delivery as it relates to your profession or intended practice. The purpose of this letter is to bring attention to a current topic that affects the health care professions and the population in general.
Your audience for the letter is the president of the United States, or your senator or your congress representative.
This is a letter where you are trying to persuade or influence the legislator or President.

Parts of the letter
The purpose of the letter is: present a short summation of the issue/issues, overview of what you will present on the issues. Be brief no more than a paragraph.
You will provide the context – this could include your practice (Dental Hygiene). What is happening in care today that necessitates something to be changed? What is the background information that makes this letter, and the information you are presenting important?
Presentation of Facts Under Consideration – Discussion
Include information that supports your argument and analysis of the problems with the health care system. Then move onto your suggestions for improving the system.
• Start with general information and move to the more complex
• Present only what is needed to understand, resist adding superfluous information
• Be clear and concise with your wording
• If you are struggling that means your opening statement and the context are unclear…refine them
• You will have multiple paragraphs – each should break apart a major consideration leading to your key findings
• Remember this is the section where you persuade the reader
The final segment will be your summary, in a few sentences related the opening, the context, and the discussion to the ultimate point. This is short, but it must also be effective.

A letter