You have seen music from the early Modernist, Impressionist, Expressionist, Minimalist, and Avant-garde movements, from both a visual art and musical art perspective.

In 1000 words, I want you to write your reaction to these kinds of musical styles. Which do you like overall? Are there any that you can’t stand? Or that you don’t see the point to? Which style is more interesting or uninteresting? Is it the composer’s use of color? How about the harmonies and melodies? Does it seem hypnotic? Or does it make you think things you’ve never thought before when listening to music? Do you think they’re being a troll with their audience? Do you think they’re being sincere? Did you like their instrumentation? Does the music make you think of any other type of music that you’re familiar with?

You must discuss at least 1 piece from each of the 5 artistic movements and answer the above questions. There is no right or wrong answer. I just want  your honest opinions on these styles. You can honestly hate everything you heard — I just want your honest reactions to this kind of music.

20th Century Artistic Movements